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who is synovum?

Synovum advises operational executives on their most critical issues and opportunities. In today’s demanding marketplace, organizations face crises all the time:

  • Competitors grab a piece of  critical business.
  • Plant processes and equipment break down.
  • Key talent unexpectedly leaves.
  • Operational & project costs run beyond projections.

If your company is like most leading companies, it has undoubtedly faced one or more of these challenges recently. Many leading companies are all too familiar with the need to respond to crises like these. But too often, they overlook the opportunity to use a situation like this as a platform for change, capability development, and even transformation.

As global operations strategists and growth catalysts, we have been translating broad international business expertise into breakthrough operational, financial, and market success for leaders, like you, for more than 35 years. The partners at Synovum are steadfast, performance-focused operations leaders and change architects, that integrate progressive strategies and traditional process disciplines with high-impact leadership practices and innovative thinking to affect organizational change, maximize business performance, and realize global enterprise value.

The word "Synovum" comes from the Latin translation of "syn" (together) and "novum" (new) - together we create something new.