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Across heavy process industry sectors, it is estimated that more than $60 Trillion US will be spent on capital projects between 2016 and 2035. While the immediate outlook for future capital spending may be cloudy, i.e. the oil & gas sector, industry leaders acknowledge the importance of capital projects in advancing their businesses - therefore extra effort is being made to reduce costs and reach the goals of CAPEX projects.

In a recent survey conducted by Chemical & Engineering News, only 25% of projects are completed within the approved budget. Only 66% of the companies with capital projects remained within their budget. Only 2.5% of the companies surveyed reported projects on time and within budget. A quarter of the projects experienced overruns of 25%, while 20% experienced budget overruns of at least 50%.  This data points out the importance and significance to deliver a project on time and within budget. By implementing best practices through a Capital Project Excellence approach, it is estimated that realization 10% to 15% savings can be attained.

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reducing risks and costs while creating capital project excellence

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